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Astonished, we see how the media holds us in its iron grip. Before we’ve even grown up, we’ve been formed by certain standards.
Fortunately, we still have our theatrical creativity. Through our own musical compositions, we will explore the representation of women.
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Our home during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2015

Ostade A'dam: Van Ostadestraat 233d, 1073 TN AMSTERDAM

Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Ostade A’dam

Tuesday  September 8th 2015 @ 19:30

Wednesday  September 9th 2015 @ 21:30

Thursday  September 10th 2015 @ 19:30

Friday  September 11th 2015 @ 21:30

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KIRA KOOL Founder of Kira Kool Producties
The goal of theatre is to be exciting and innovative. Trying to make the audience reflect on their own perception of the world. Being a director in music theatre, I look for boundaries within my work. But once in a while it works the other way round.
I’m just going to spit it out: in today’s society, young women are expected to fit into a certain (sexual) standard. This is something I worry about. I know this is seen as Feminism 101. To be clear: neither my performance, nor my theme is about feminism. Actually, it isn’t necessarily the men who have created this standard, but women themselves. Just look at Nicki Minaj for example, who’s exposing herself as a lascivious bunny. The media exploits this image. I would like to get to the bottom of this.
The last straw that made me choose this theme, was a documentary called ‘Miss Representation’ . The film showed an interesting perception of the female's position in today’s society; the female as a sexual object. The media is a master of puppets when it comes to creating a standard. It is powerful and compelling.
Of course, I don’t believe that these standards and values can be changed immediately. What I would like to do, is to show you how I perceive these current norms. Or even better: ridicule this perception. I don’t want to just sit in a corner, waiting for something to happen. Let us laugh about it. Make fun of it. And who knows, you might start to see it from a different point of view. Our point of view. Hopefully, it will become a subject to talk about during your lunch break. If that would happen, I’ve reached my goal.
With that said, I hope you have an idea where the roots for ‘Superficial Supremacy’ lie in. Together with 4 other students of Music Theater, a composer and a dancer, I would like to share my experience on the representation of the female human being. The performance will be a mix of music and theatre put into an absurd collage. And if I may: if the subject does not interest you in the slightest, I can still recommend you to come and see my cast perform. Because they are pretty damn good in doing their job!
I hope to see you at our performance!


Kira is an Alumni from ArtEZ Conservatory, Music Theatre Dept. and graduated with flying colours in 2015 writing, composing, directing and acting Superficial Supremacy. This is just the beginning....

Fringe Cast & Crew
Fringe Cast & Crew
Anne Freriks
Robin Kuiper
Rosine Langbroek
Maarten Zaagman
Léa Vinette
Jan Espérer
Kira Kool

Kira Kool

Jan Espérer and Kira Kool

Peer van den Berg

Animation video:
Callum Allaway North

Publicity text:
Lars Roos

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Frans Kemna

Photo’s performance by:
Nikki Vos

Photo promotion by:
Kira Kool

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